Threatened Polished Faces (2022)

Threatened Polished Faces (2022)

Medium: video Installation  (04:01)

Since the pandemic eruption, most of us were left with a minimum possibility to be socially present in the physical world and acquired a more ‘Virtual Life’. Even as we are gradually moving back to the pre-pandemic state, a ‘new normal standard’ started to develop in the context of social media, expanding by that the algorithm pressure, with more expectations to our online presence; If we are not active enough online, the algorithm decides that we are not interesting enough, therefore won’t grant us a proper online existence. We are as well gradually losing the intensity of immersive experiences, as we are required to be constantly conscious in the virtual world; Everybody is watching!

The exponential growth of online requirements is leading us to suffocate from the oversaturated embellished realities, the camouflaged beings, and their surroundings.

‘Social Media Faces’ being at the center of Balian’s research and practice, with a focus on the heavy illusion that most users are immersed in, she represents in this work the metamorphosis and the deterioration process of these polished faces. An over saturation of emotionless faces as a representation of the social media expectations of living a near-perfect life, that is leaving most users with “No Time to Live, No Time to Feel.”

“Threatened Polished Faces” was part of the “Getaway” exhibition at 934 art gallery Columbus,  OH, United States.

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