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Interactive Video Installation

“Social Media Faces” (2021), is an interactive video installation by Taline Balian, commissioned by world Art Dubai 2021.

This Video is Part of the video installation “Social Media Faces”

Medium: Video Installation

Social media is a contemporary social problem. Today’s general tendency surprisingly quickly embraced social media because it offered the possibility to become a polished active character in an imaginary world. The unstoppable growing pressure of belonging to the social media community is pushing its users to obsessively apply certain beauty standards in editing and polishing their pictures, producing look-alike posted faces. The over-saturation of these posted pictures and the fixation to look perfect at all time, is leading to the struggle to come back to our original state, therefore, being stuck in a polished cracked reality. Social Media Faces consists of a pile of Rubik’s cubes placed on a table. Portraits of polished resin faces, printed on these cubes, illustrate the over-saturation of the virtual world. The audience will is invited to play with these cubes the way they normally do with Rubik’s cubes, mixing up the facial parts in an attempt to solve the puzzle and fails in most cases; helplessly leaving these faces distorted, similarly to the emotional state the social media followers are left with. In addition to the cubes, a video shows a person attempting to solve the puzzles.