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Artist Residency in Bulgaria

The last two years were difficult times for everybody. As an independent artist, the pandemic affected me and my work. I decided to invest my time in a way that keeps my creative process going, by taking part in any online art related activities that helped me reach that goal. The latest, is my participation in the World of Co artist residency.

World of Co artist residency is an AIR program based in Sofia – Bulgaria, where artists can work on their research/experiments, and push forward their artistic projects. Initially designed as a physical residency, it was transformed into an online program due to the pandemic situation.

I had the chance to be part of this residency in summer 2021. During this time, I had a great and fruitful experience, where I had the chance to meet and exchange with a wonderful group of international artists and mentors. I was able to continue my research on Social Media Faces and experiment more with video art, receiving constructive feedback during group discussions and crits.

I recommend this residency for artists that are looking to challenge their practice or simply want to have a creative environment to develop their art and creative process. I am looking forward to joining again next summer, but hopefully within the physical space, in-order to feel the city vibes and be able to explore the local art scene.