About Us – 04

About Us – 04

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Her Artworks speaks volumes about life

Taline Balian is a Canadian/ Lebanese visual artist based in Dubai – UAE.

She experiments around Social Media Faces. Through Portraits, she attempts to offer an alternative engaging experience, in the midst of the simulated happiness offered by the virtual platforms, eager to fulfill the viewer’s emotional and immersive needs. She is keen to do as much as it could possibly be done with her own hands, to fight back against the overflow of the heavy illusion of that polished reality.

Since 2016, Taline has joined PACE, a platform for artistic collaboration and experimentation, taking part in the Artist CoLab and Experimental Art in Context.

Her work was on display since 1998, in Lebanon, Cairo, Milano, London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. She took part in the Biennale of Contemporary Art 2019: Universal Data - An exploration of our digital presence at MACAM Modern And Contemporary Art Museum – Lebanon. Lately, she presented her installation piece This Is Not Immersiveness, on Social Media Addicts who lost their abilities to be immersed.

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